Graphic requests are currently: OPEN

If you are considering submitting a request, please note the following

  • I use a queue system to order my requests, this is the fairest and easiest way to deal with them.
  • I do not partake in biased selection of requests, I run on a first-come-first-serve basis.
  • My rates are economically legitimate and range from 60SD - 1000SD + , depending on the graphic in question. 
  • I also accept payments via Paypal.
  • If you cannot pay in either two of the above methods, please inform me upon requesting your graphic and we can arrange a deal suitable for both parties.
  • I intend to complete all requests within at least two weeks of submission.
  • I set a high standard for my work and will only deliver the best graphics.
  • I have every right to decline a request, with or without reason.
  • References are available upon request. 

If you wish to submit a request, you can do so by directly contacting me via one of the methods below.

  • SD Message - My username is jackjailer
  • Skype - jackjailer 
Please do not send requests via Guestbook as I rarely read my Guestbook comments and your request will not be seen until days after it was posted.

Thank you.

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